• Weight Loss Mindset

    The mindset guide and stories around my 160 lbs weight loss.

  • Background and Testimonials

    Food Over Medicine

    Certified Consumer Health Advocate

    I certified with Dr. Pam Popper. This book changed by perspective on my health.


    Working with Me one-on-one

    Rachel took my 3 month program and these were her results.

    I've lost 160 pounds!

    I made 4 commitments beginning my journey to lose weight naturally and by addressing the emotional components

    1. I would do the work it took - stay in the struggle.

    2. It didn't matter how long it took.

    3. I would find a way to live without worrying about gaining the weight back.

    4. I would address the emotional components.

    My mentoring education

    I have worked with some amazing people. Here are a few....

    • Dr. John Demartini - 3 Breakthrough Experiences, Values Workshop
    • Maria Merill, Stephanie Burton, Lysa K - Demartini Facilitators
    • Vipassana Meditation Practitioner
    • Donna Vail - Life Coach/Homeschool Mentor
    • Gabrielle Bernstein - "Finally Full" program
    • Geneen Roth - Retreat at Kripalu
    • Protective Diet - Julie Christenson


    Dig deep.

    You probably already know that weight loss is more than meets the eye. You can have all the "right" foods, but if your mindset set correctly, you will continue to self-sabatoge.


    Dr. John Demartini

    Dr. Demartini's work and my commitment to myself combined to elevate my life more than I could have imagined. I love to share all I have learned and help you

    How do you talk to yourself?

    Art by Lori Portka

    Gentleness births a sense of sweet love for ourselves. How gentle are you truly, to yourself?


    Contact me to learn more about my program of transformation. stephanie.jameshoffpauir@gmail.com

    Change is possible

    Ask the right questions.

    Be brave. You aren’t alone.