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    Beloved Funeral Musician

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    Visit my music page here: For more visit, www.soundcloud.com/stephaniesheriejames


  • I would like to thank Stephanie James for mentoring me through rough times.
    Stephanie is caring, non-judgemental, and very knowledgeable.
    During each session she gives me the motivation and tools to help me create more of what I want for my life.
    Sincerely, Theresa F.

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    Mentor * Beloved Funeral Services

    Zeal and Focus

    Acadiana Organist and Director

    I really love working with you, Stephanie. You have a beautiful voice and your life your life with such zeal and focus. You're the best!

    Empathetic and Warm-Hearted


    Stephanie, you're like a bartender. I bet that I am not the only person who opens up to you. I just get a vibe that you are sincerely empathetic and warm-hearted. Thank you.



    I started playing guitar in church when I was about 12 years old. I have been blessed to have worked with some very talented people. Your voice is one of the finest I have heard. Paul Landry, guitarist

    Funeral Musician

    Mary Beth, LA Funeral Services

    This is where your heart is! The family was so happy with the music.

    Karen Kirby Meche

    From Blaine Meche Service

    Karen Meche here...Sorry for the delay in getting to contact you but I just wanted to say thank you so very much and you have a voice of an angel..had me crying for most of Blaine's Mass/Ceremony. I wanted to officially meet you but we had to keep moving.


    I will definitely keep you in mind and definitely refer you to others who may need.


    You are so talented. The Lord has surely Blessed you with a beautiful voice, though I am sure it still takes a lot of work too..thank you again.

    Mary Beth

    LA Funeral Services

    I must say I am so
    proud of you for
    truly recognizing
    your ministry and
    gift to this world
    I know those kids
    had an amazing
    teacher and they
    should be forever
    grateful for having
    the time they had
    with you.
    You have a purpose
    and when you are
    living your purpose
    the road will be smooth.

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