CASA Volunteer of the Year

    Demartini Trained

    Values Determination Workshop, Breakthrough Experience x 3, Mentoring by Demartini Facilitators - on going

  • After our talk, I’ve found my confidence really building and felt more excited about working with kids. I no longer dread not having a lot of alone time and focus on how much the quality time with these kids really fills my cup. I began getting firmer about my rates and valuing the type of care I provide. I was able to create this flyer which really portrays my philosophy and it’s gained me more business than I’ve ever had! I really appreciate how much you helped me to realize my potential and learning how to pursue my passions. Thank you so much! ---- Annette Elizabeth

    Songwriter for the following organizations: St. Cecilia School, ESA of Acadiana, and Junior League of Lafayette

    Female Lead- Napoleon on the Bandstand


    Over 160lb weight loss, Peaceful Weight Loss ebook on Amazon

    Verne Varona’s Macrobiotic Advanced Study Training,
    Donna Vail, An Inspired Education, Coaching and Mentorship Program

    Demartini Institute – Values Determination – The Workshop

    Demartini Institute – The Breakthrough Experience. (3)


    Geneen Roth, books and participant in her live workshop at Kripalu – “Women, Food, and God,”

    Gabrielle Bernstein – “Finally Full” Course – features spiritual practices – “Bring your quinoa and God.”

    Marlene Watson-Tara – “Weight Loss Nature’s Way” Course – features macrobiotic and Chinese Medicine principles.

    Dr. Pam Popper, Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor


    2B Mindset Mentor


    doTERRA Wellness Advocate

    Personal Coaching with Julie Christensen, Protective Diet

    Insight Meditation Training Course, Chuck Saint Romain


    Heart Health by e-Cornell certification

    Intensive on Self-Love with Vironika Tugoleva

    traditional therapy with specialists in eating disorders

    Court Appointed State Advocate Volunteer of the Year


    Assistant Bookeeper - Styles Fashion Outlet


    Coached Personally by: Maria Merilli, Sandra Coronado, Donna Vail, Lysa Kay - Integrated Consciousness


    Music Teacher - LCTM, NCTM -Piano, Certified Vocal Music Education - K-12